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What are the premium features of miraCal?

QuickDate (only in English and German)
Create an event with two clicks! “Meeting at 10am” or “Daddys birthday November 26, 2014” - Enter the date. Done.

Ad-free version and offline features
You have no internet connection? No problem: The App will save your events offline and sync them when you are online again.

You have got more than one user or you want to share and edit your calendar with your family or friends? No problem, we created multiaccount-features.

Where and how can I change my options?

The options of the gmail calendar App can be called up by the Charm-Bar. Swipe from the right side to the middle of the display (using a PC you need to click with your mouse on the right corner/ enter the Windows button + C) and choose "settings".

You will find the menu item "options".

HIndividualize the beginning of your week, the beginning of your day, the time format, QuickEvents, the sidebar and the duration of your meetings.

How works the premium feature QuickDate?

With QuickDate you can quickly and easily create your dates. You can formulate take a normal sentence the app does the rest. Your sentence is transformed to an appointment with date, time and description.

"On 05.01.2015 at 10 clock meeting with John B."
"Daddy’s birthday on 26.11.2015"

If no time is set, this is interpreted as an all day event.

You will find the QuickDate function in your app bar.

How are Google tasks synchronised to your calendar?

If you want to see your connected contacts swipe bottom up (using a PC you need to do a right mouse click) - Choose “tasks” you want sync.

Attention: To synchronise your tasks they have to be activated in your account settings beforehand.

For the displayed user, you can now create as many lists you want to. For each created list you can create tasks and sub-tasks . The number is not restricted here. When you create tasks, a short description will be added. The descriptions are stored in real time. So it is not additional be asked.

To delete or complete tasks or lists, simply click the item and select the desired action from the app bar.

How do I buy the premium features of miraCal?

miraCal bhas three premium features. To use this special features you need to buy them via the App-Bar.

The button “Premium Features” in the App-Bar redirects you to a special Pop-Up. Swipe bottom up to the middle of the display (using a PC you need to do a right mouse click).

Now you can buy one or more of the premium features.

How can I configure the visibility of my calendars?

The setting of the visibility of calendars ultimately decides which calendars will eventually appear in the app. This setting (visibility) you can find in the bottom app bar. Swipe from the lower side of the display in the middle (with PC click with the right mouse button).

The active calendar or accounts can now be visualized using the buttons.

Attention: Only calendars which are marked as active in the account settings are displayed. Disabled calendars are not shown.

Enable and disable calendars of one or more user accounts.

Calendars can be enabled and disabled as needed. This setting can be found under settings -> account. To open the account settings swipe from the right side of the display towards the center (if you use an PC, go with the mouse to the lower right corner or press the Windows key + C) and then select Settings -> account.

Here you see now your linked Google account. Only with purchase of multi-user features multiple accounts can be linked to the app here. If you got this feature, you can connect as many Google accounts you want to the app over the green + (plus).

Use the button “Disable” and “Delete” to disable or completely remove your accounts from the app.

To activate an single calendar of an account, you go on the refresh button directly in your linked account (circle with arrows). In the pop-up you will now be able to see all calendar of the account. Over the buttons you can be activated and deactivated your calendars.

Only active calendars are also displayed in the settings of the visibility of calendars.

How can I hide the sidebar?

You can hide the sidebar by configure the settings under Settings -> Options.

In this case, the appearance and functionality of the sidebar can be configured.

To open the Options swipe from the right side of the display towards the center (if you use a PC, go with your mouse to the lower right corner or Windows key + C) and then select Settings -> Options.

What are the system requirements of miraCal?

miracal is available under the operating systems Windows 8 to Windows 10. For newer operating systems from Microsoft, we will update the app accordingly so that you will then also be available on the respective latest versions of operating systems.

For using the app you have to get an internet connection.
Supported processors x86, x64 and ARM.


Any questions?

You have a question about the Gmail calendar which has not been answered by the FAQ or wish to have a new feature? Then use the contact form, Uservoice or at Facebook.

Thank you!

We will briefly get in touch.